Blowjobs. Head. Hummers. BJs. Going Down. Fellatio. Whatever you call it, guys will do anything to get it. Oral sex is as hot and intimate as it comes, so be empowered! You have his full trust. He’s at your mercy. And you control every moment of his pleasure.  Great oral sex is the ultimate sexual gift you can give to your guy. So why not give it your all?

Blowjob Basics.
Did you find the pamphlet that came with the guy’s penis the first time you performed oral sex? No? Then I’ll bet you had to figure it out all by yourself.

So let’s start fresh today, okay?

Start by getting comfortable. Oral sex can be a bit tiring, so be sure to position yourself so your upper body and shoulders can move up and down with you. Just remember: you set the depth. You set the pace. You set your comfort. You’re in control.

Safer Sex Precaution. To fully enjoy the pleasures of oral sex both of you should be totally monogamous and free of all sexually transmitted diseases.

Now let’s explore the four phases.

Phase I: The Agony of Anticipation.
Land soft, wet kisses on his mouth, neck and earlobes. Show him what foreplay is all about! 

Now bring your mouth down just far enough on his body so he’ll think maybe, hopefully, possibly you’ll keep on going. 

Unzip his pants and begin teasing his penis lightly with your hand as you sweep your mouth around his belly button, hips, thighs—in other words, everywhere but. 

Phase II: Peeling and Revealing.
It’s time for the clothes to start disappearing. Gently pull down his underwear so you reveal only the head of his penis.

Now guide his penis to your mouth, and tease him with a couple of kisses before you remove every trace of clothing and move in for a closer lick.

When performing oral sex the first touches of your mouth will give him the most incredible sensations. Ever so slowly, glide the tip of your tongue up over the head, down the shaft and back up again. Now take his whole head into your mouth for one full suck, and let it pop out with one loud sexy “slurp.”

Phase III: Head-on Head.
You’re now into the faster, rhythmical phase he’s been aching for. Try the techniques below as your starting point, and improvise from there. Be sure to include these BJ-boosters, too:

You only need to put his penis into your mouth as far as you feel comfortable when giving head. You can start shallow, and increase the depth slowly.

Pay attention to what’s going on inside your mouth. Make sure it’s always nice ‘n slippery, keep your teeth out of the way, run his head along the roof of your mouth for a bumpy ridge effect, lick the tip of his head while it’s inside and swirl on it with your tongue.

Remember: use teeth softly (or ask if he likes nibbling—and how hard.)

Bring his balls into play. Lube them up and caress them gently for the full erotic oral sex experience. Lightly tug, squeeze and roll them around in the cup of your hand. Then move on to his taint and butt.

Take your time. Remember, enthusiasm is key. Love everything you’re doing!

Phase IV: The Eruption.
It’s time to reap the reward for your loving caresses and erotic inspiration. 

The key to his climax will come from your steady application of the one Golden Technique that works for your guy. Once you discover it, store it away in your memory and you’ll enjoy many happy endings together.

When do you begin the Golden Technique? When you sense he’s getting close to orgasming. Just stay with the same speed, rhythm and pressure—and don’t stop! Then when he erupts:

Hand Finish. If you’re not ready to taste him, substitute your hand for your mouth without missing a beat. 

Lip Finish. With your lips over his head, press your tongue against his peehole. As you stroke him with your hand, let his spurts ricochet left and right off your tongue. 

Mouth Finish. If you’re ready for him to come inside your mouth, but you don’t want to swallow, try this: aim him toward the inside of your cheek and use the back of your tongue to close off your throat. 

First Licks. Ready? Let’s start with the basics for giving mind-blowing oral sex.

Lip Gloss. Flood your puckered lips with saliva, then glide them gently up and down and all around his shaft. Swirl around the head, too.

All-Day Sucker. Push your lips outward and create a gently suction on his shaft. Now suck ‘n glide up and down without losing the vacuum. 

Laplander. With your tongue full, wide and relaxed, lick his penis upward like a melting ice cream cone.

Skin Flicks. Flutter and flick the tip of your tongue from the top of his penis all the way to the bottom of his balls.

Exotic Variations.
Flick Off. With his head in your mouth, flick or roll your tongue around the top. Try flattening your tongue to create more surface area. 

Fruit Juicer. Twist your neck left and right so it feels like your mouth is swiveling on his penis as you go up and down. Add in the Flick Off and listen to him moan. 
Ivory Hunt. Break the no-teeth rule—gently! Glide your teeth down the length of his shaft, or run the head of his penis over the broad-surfaced molars in the back of your mouth—with a feather-light touch! Say When. Slowly run your finger up the underside of his penis. Tell him to say “There!” when you reach the most sensitive spot. Now make love to that spot by licking, nibbling and teasing.  

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