Do guys actually ask girls out on official "dates"? The last couple of girls I was interested in were fine as long as we were just flirting. But when I asked them out (even just to lunch) . . . wow. You'd have thought I'd asked them to marry me, or something like that.

Everyone is different. For me personally I would much rather be on an official date, then to be in a flirting stage because I like set ground rules. I want to know if we are dating and looking to possibly become a couple or if we are just flirting and see if maybe we want to date or if we just want to keep things casual.

Why haven't you answered any anons?

I haven’t been on Tumblr much while being on bed rest, I am currently going through my messages and trying to answer the questions I have.

does your husband knows you have this blog?

Yes he does, and he supports it. There are a few times we have had disagreements about how I run the blog but once he realized I am not on here trying to be virtually sexual with other people and this blog is more about promoting sexual acceptance in women he became much more accepting of it.

Tips/pointers on giving my boyfriend head? I just want to make it the best for him, but don't want to ask him how he like it

Here are three guides. One is a hand job guide, one is a blowjob guide for beginners, and one is how to give an unforgettable blowjob. I think that anyone who is interested in perfecting their oral techniques should read and combine the three guides.

What's your favorite movie

A Hard Day’s Night 

Kinkiest fetish you have?

I love being choked. Love, love, love it. For most people who are into kink this a very bland form of a fetish but it’s my most kinky. 

Do tou like to give oral or get oral sex

I like to give and receive oral sex, I think that everyone should be this way. It’s important to receive some form of pleasure from pleasuring your partner just as it is important to be able to be pleasured by them in return.

I am trying to set up some sexy posts in queue to automatically post when the majority of my followers tend to be online so my question to you all is what time of the day do you spend the most time on Tumblr and what time zone are you in?

I have officially reached 200,000 followers!! I never thought this day would come and am in complete disbelief that it has. Thank you to all the followers who have been with me from the beginning and to the followers who have only recently discovered my blog. 

Trying to think of a great way to celebrate this. Any suggestions?