Lust in Paradise

i know you have a pregnancy blog but i hate that you don't post your pregnancy stuff on here too because i feel like if you didn't have two blogs to focus on you'd be on this one a lot more

That is probably true, I have been slacking on this blog sadly but it’s not so much having a pregnancy blog AND this blog it’s me working 50 hours a week, being pregnant in general, and when I get home from work all I want to do is sleep and eat and stay as far away from a computer as I can since I stare at a computer screen for 8-9 hours a day. 

what's your favorite sex song to strip or give a lap dance to?

Sex Room by Ludacris & Trey Songz is by far my favorite.

I think it's great that you seem to always use terms like "in my opinion" etc. You're clearly very socially liberal but it's nice to see someone who is liberal but also accepts that their opinion is just that and not somehow objectively true. Just thought I'd pass a little compliment on :)

Thank you so much :) that means a lot. I will never say something is 100% definite just because it’s all I’ve known or what I was taught. Every single individual in this world is a unique person and will experience everything in a different way than someone else so why lump everyone into a single category or stereotype? Just has never really made sense to me.

when do you find out the baby's gender?

April 1st.

Do you ever wish you gave your virginity to your husband? Or was it worth it to give it to the guy you gave it to at 15? Sorry I've been curious

I honestly don’t, and that may not be the answer you were expecting or wanting to hear  but I have no regrets over who I’ve had sex with or when I did. I gave my virginity to my first boyfriend at 15 after I was raped for the second time and wanted to give myself to someone on my terms and to someone that I loved. During high school I met my husband, and we were at VERY different points in our lives. For me I was sexually active but very selective on who I was with and him on the other hand wanted to be as promiscuous as possible and our goals for life were very different and we honestly did NOT get along well with each other. In the time that I met him the first time, and the time we reconnected years later, we both did a lot of growing up. We made mistakes, learned from them.Got the “partying” phase out of us, and were both ready to settle down. For me I view the first time you have sex with someone almost like losing your virginity all over again because you’re learning each others bodies, learning how to please each other, you’re very cautious, and you’re in awe over each other. I apologize for such a lengthy answer, and hopefully it makes sense after the long explanation behind it.

What's your favorite color and favorite movie?

Emerald green for the color and for the movie either Across the Universe or Armageddon 

No more wiener Wednesday?

Nope, not until my husband gets back home with me. Out of respect for him I only do Weiner Wednesday when he is around because it makes him uncomfortable to have mass amounts of strangers on Tumblr send me photos of their dicks. 

I've only been sexually active about 6 months and have mostly been with people I have more lust than affection for. I've always felt very comfortable and often initiate it due to desire (or a little too much tequila). However, I've started dating a guy who I am starting to develop feelings for and it's making me freeze up BIG TIME in bed. I think he notices my hesitation because he doesn't try at all. How can I let myself be vulnerable and let him know I'm ready?

Honestly there’s no easy answer to this. Having sex is easy, having sex with someone (especially for the first time) that you have feelings for can be one of the hardest things to allow yourself to do. You need to just to just continue doing what you’re doing. Spend time with him, get to know him more and more, and eventually you will start to relax around him and then he will take that as a sign that you are comfortable enough with him to become intimate with each other. If you think you are ready to be with him now, then YOU make the first move. Maybe you being the one to make the first move will help you get over all the butterflies and such.