i really hate your responses to questions

I’m sorry but at the same time, I’m really not. I will not tell people what they want to hear and instead tell them what I think they need to hear, answer questions to the best of my ability with medical backing and personal experience, but besides that that’s all I can do. Everyone is different so just because I give advice to one person, that does not mean it will work for someone else. 

music lyrics to describe your past relationships?

This pretty much describes their loyalty to me. 

"I tell you all the things you wanna hear
You ramble on about how I’m that fire
But if you knew, how far this is from real
You walk away knowing I’m that - fire!

Nothing’s changed, another day has gone
Full of lies, I only told you what you want
You’ve hit the wall and I can tell
Cause you’re giving in to your weakness

You’re so naive” - That Fire by Black Tide

And this one goes to my one very abusive ex:

I fell down some stairs…
I ran into a wall…
He hurts me ‘cause he cares..
It’s all my fault!" -Home Grown by OTEP

Do you think you'll ever fuck another person in your life?💗

Nope, and I’m completely okay with that. My husband is my 5th and final sex partner. Before my husband I had lots of opportunities to sleep with more than my fair share of men, but for me I want sex to be an intimate and chosen experience instead of something I was very promiscuous about. I do not shame women or men who have had or want to have multiple sex partners but I loved the 4 people I slept with prior to my husband and the 5th person, being my husband, will my last :)