• Blowjob Tips: First off, watch porn, get a general visual idea on how to do it. Watch your teeth, is really the most important rule for beginners. Make sure your mouth is extremely wet, whether it’s saliva or edible lubrication it makes it more enjoyable for BOTH of you I recommend tying your hair up, just cause I have noticed that it’s easier and more enjoyable for me when my hair isn’t getting in the way. Don’t forget to use your hands, whether it’s LIGHTLY massaging the balls or giving him a little manual stimulation while you are giving oral as well. Most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF. The best blow job you can give a guy is when he can tell you are enjoying giving him one, touch yourself, have him touch you, make eye contact, moan, just ENJOY it.
  • Anal Sex Tips:LOTS OF LUBRICATION of course, I always recommend using fingers before, start with one, and then go to two and also have him fuck you doggy while he fingers your anus so that way he is getting it loosened up bu you may not be focusing on it too much because you’ll be getting pleased as well vaginally. Breathe out while he pushes in, do not hold your breath, spread your ass checks apart.
  • How Old I Was When I Had Lost My Virginity: 15
  • Handjob Tips: Lots of lubrication, unscented lotion if you don’t have lube I like to use my thumb and index finger in an O position, for bigger guys I use my index+ middle finger, but I never use my whole handI like to tighten my grip (not strangling tight) right before the tip of the penis, I’ve noticed they have all liked thatI use my ring and pinky to sorta stroke/massaged the balls.
  • How Many Sexual Partners I’ve Had: 4
  • How Old I Am: 20 years old